How would you like that sponsor?

Hey guys!

I was doing some accounting this morning (yep I do it all in here!) and man is it expensive to go racing. Bill just went to a Lemons race and yikes!

I’m sure you are in the same situation. Looking for the next upgrade or the next event and wondering how to make it work without eating ramens for the next 2 months.

The next step is finding other sources of revenues for your motorsport dreams and other than donating your left 🥜, how can someone not already famous land some decent sponsors?

As a business owner it all comes down to the value someone can bring to my business. Of course I wish I had an endless budget to support the sport, but I also wish I could eat an endless amount of chocolat and not get fat.

PRI, the Performance Racing Industry, which holds an annual show to go have fun and drink with buddies, has released 2 very informative sessions with valuable insights, in my opinion, to get you started.



That being said, it is a lot of work. Building a racing sponsorship package (aka deck) is also something very important, but that’s for another day.


Talk soon!


- E