Tilton - 600-Series - 3-Pedal Assembly, Underfoot Mount, Aluminum

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Tilton - 3-Pedal Assembly, Underfoot Mount, Aluminum

Tilton’s new 600-Series 3-pedal underfoot assembly is perfect for racers who need additional space in the cockpit. Unlike traditional floor-mount pedal assemblies with forward-facing master cylinders, the underfoot pedal assembly features a rear-facing master cylinder arrangement. This enables the pedals to be mounted further forward, which allows a greater range of driver seating positions. This, along with over a hundred pedal pad configurations and an adjustable pedal ratio, makes the new underfoot pedal assembly compatible with just about any racer in any application.

Forged aluminum pedals and an aluminum frame give the 600-Series underfoot pedal assembly rigid and lightweight support for even the most grueling applications. Included with the assembly is a large 7/16”-20 balance bar (P/N 72-260), which minimizes flex and provides a solid pedal feel. Action on the pedals is kept smooth and consistent with low friction oil-impregnated bushings on the pedal pivots. For additional customization, the 600-Series 3-pedal underfoot assembly is also compatible with customer-supplied false floors and heel rests. The optional Tilton throttle linkage kits are designed for use with either mechanical or drive-by-wire throttle systems.

The new 600-Series underfoot pedals are also available in a 2-pedal (brake/throttle; P/N 72-618) configuration. The 2-pedal version is ideally suited for newer vehicles with dual clutch transmissions, and therefore no need for a clutch pedal.

The underfoot pedals are designed to accept Tilton’s 76-Series master cylinders.

Forged aluminum pedals engineered for high rigidity and low weight
Lightweight and rigid aluminum frame designed to accept customer supplied false floor/heal rest
Large 7/16”-20 balance bar minimizes flex and provides a solid pedal feel/response
Aluminum foot pads can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and an angle to suit individual driver preferences
Adjustable pedal ratio (5.4:1-6.9:1) enables fine-tuning of the braking system
Low friction oil-impregnated bushing on pedal pivots
Accepts Tilton 76-Series master cylinders



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