Schroth Racing Belts - FLEXI 2x2 Harness FIA8853-2016

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Schroth Racing Belts - FLEXI 2x2 Harness FIA8853-2016

Flexi 2 x 2 belt now with the newest current FIA 8853-2016 Homologation

The Flexi 2x2 features Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) specific 2” shoulder belts, 2" Flexi Lap Belts, and a T-bar adjustable sub strap.

The FHR specific shoulder belts are designed to make FHR use safer and more comfortable. The full 2" shoulder webbing fits perfectly on a FHR device, creating optimal force distribution on the surface of the device.

Flexi lap belts can be changed from a pull up configuration to a pull down by simply rewrapping the lap hardware. This allows you to set the belt up just the way you want it for your specific situation. It also allows for Bolt In brackets to be wrapped in for the lap belts if needed.

Comes with Snap-In attachments at Lap and Sub points. The Shoulders come ready to be snapped in. Bolt-in hardware available for purchase separately.

Colors Available:
Black , Blue and Red.

8853-2016 FIA Homologation Technical Background
Accident analysis of the the many championships fitted with Accident Data Recorders (ADR) has shown that very high G (>70g) crashes are now survivable with good vehicle crashworthiness and cockpit enviroments together with best practice safety equipment. On this basis, the performance levels for FIA approved safety equipment have been newly defined to manage the forces and energies generated during the 70g accidents.

The most significant change for the new FIA 8853-2013 standard is increasing the severity of the dynamic requirements of the sled/crash testing.
The impact speed will be increased from 50+/-1km/h to 67+/-1km/h which will result in the peak change in velocity to be increased from 32g to 60+g. 

Lap belt width: 2" (50mm)
Lap belt adjusters: Flexi Belt
FHR specific: yes - 2" (50mm) Shoulder Belts
Homologation: FIA 8853-2016

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