Sabelt - X-Pad FIA Racing Seat


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Sabelt - X-Pad FIA Racing Seat

Expertly designed for compact cockpits, the Sabelt X-Pad offers unrivaled safety without sacrificing interior space. With a full-containment design and reduced dimensions, it's the perfect choice for racing in tight quarters.

Through the use of innovative design, Sabelt has optimized the interior fit of the seat by replacing bulky padding with a thinner, yet still comfortable, foam. The exterior dimensions were also reduced by eliminating the "rolled" upper edges, resulting in a narrower seat without sacrificing comfort for drivers of any size.

The Sabelt X-Pad showcases the power of innovative thinking, proving that groundbreaking discoveries can be found in the most unexpected places. It defies conventional norms without causing major disruptions.

  • FIA8855-1999 homologation.
  • Weight: 19.3 lbs (8.75 kg).
  • Standard side mounting.
  • Perfect full-containment seat for small cockpit cars (Miata, Corvette, etc.)
  • Shoulders and hips designed for Regulation 8862 to improve driver safety.
  • Rear structural reinforcement.



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