Recaro - Pro Racer XL SPA - Head Restraint - FIA Carbon Kevlar Shell Seat

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Recaro - Pro Racer XL SPA - Head Restraint - FIA Carbon Kevlar Shell Seat
  • All Mounting Hardware sold separately

You only have to sit in a RECARO racing seat to "feel the difference". The design of the ground breaking RECARO Pro Racer is optimized to work with HANS systems.

Over 50 years of RECARO racing seat technology and meticulous manufacturing expertise come together in the RECARO Pro Racer.

RECARO developed the first racing seat with head protection in 1996. Improving racing safety is a continuous goal at RECARO.

The Pro Racer's ergonomic S shaped shell forms to the drivers back.

The "built-in" lumbar support of RECARO racing seats provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents.

Combined with high quality shock absorbing foam the Pro Racer is outstandingly comfortable as it is safe.

You will not want to get out of your RECARO Pro Racer seat.

Gain the edge over the competition with the RECARO Pro Racer.

Pro Racer SPA XL:
Larger Height and Width than the Pro Racer SPA - See dimensional drawing below for details

PREMIUM FEATURES: Pro Racer SPA XL - Light Weight Carbon Kevlar

  • FIA Certified and Crash Tested
  • Side Impact Neck Protection - developed and optimized in cooperation with HANS® to work with Head and Neck Safety systems for comfort and safety
  • RECARO Proprietary Ergonomics - S shaped backrest with "built -in" lumbar support
  • RECARO High Integrity Comfort Shell - Light Weight Carbon Kevlar
  • Carbon Kevlar Pro Racer SPA XL weighs 5.5 lbs or 2.5 kg less than the Pro Racer SPG XL
  • Aggressive Thigh & Torso  Bolstering
  • Lumbar Cushions
  • Shock Absorbing Foam
  • RECARO Friction Grip at Shoulders
  • Screw Mounted Panels and Belt Slots
  • Flame Retardant Upholstery
  • Long Lasting High Quality Cover
  • High Quality Durable Foam
  • Suitable for 4, 5, or 6 Point Harness

All RECARO Racing Seats are FiA approved. Our racing seats are crash tested and pass safety standards set by the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile - FiA. The organization sanctions racing events around the world.

RECARO Racing Seats - proven safe


  • All Mounting Hardware sold separately
  • Contact us for proper fitment/measurement and installation instructions
  • FIA Approved Flexible (sliding) Adapter- The RECARO Flexible Adapter is the first of its kind.  Never before has a company offered FiA approved mounting hardware that allows a racing seat to adjust forward and back (slide). It is another RECARO innovation setting a higher bar for comfort and safety in auto racing.

Weight :  16.5 lbs / 7.5 kg 
Max Height:  36.0 inches / 915 mm
Max Length:  32.3 inches / 820 mm
* Weight noted does not include mounting hardware
* Dimensions include noted mounting hardware

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