OMP - HTE-R 400 Fiberglass Head Restraint Seat

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OMP - HTE-R 400 Fiberglass Head Restraint Seat

Professional racing seat entirely upholstered in high breathable AIRTEX® material.

The OMP HTE-R 400 seat features distinctive side head bolsters to help restrain the helmet (similar to the HTE-R), but the bolsters on the HTE-R 400 are 3 1/2" narrower for cars with limited cockpit room. The new breathable cloth upholstery allows perspiration to evaporate for comfort. Fiberglass shell uses OMP side-mount seat brackets (sold separately). Black cloth upholstery with a black fiberglass shell. FIA homologated to 8855-1999. Mounting brackets are not included.

Specialty version for cars with small space in the upper part.

Professional racing seat upholstered in high breathable AIRTEX material.

  • Gel coated Fiberglass shell with side fixing points

  • Large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights.

  • Shaped Security Headrest to limit lateral movement of the helmet.

  • Medium height side bolsters for lateral leg support.

  • Upholstered in Fire resistant Airnet upholstering.

  • Removable back cushion and leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort.

  • Side mounted (W types) Fixing points. 

  • HANS and HSC PATENT compatible.

  • 5 Holes for 5 & 6 point belts.

Homologation: FIA 8855-1999

Click Here for Seat Dimensions, Comparison, and Mounting.

  • A - External Max With at shoulders : 560 mm
  • B - Seat bottom to mid shoulders : 570 mm
  • C - Seat bottom max external width : 515 mm
  • D - Total height of back seat : 880 mm
  • E - External Mac width at seat fixing inserts : 420 mm
  • F - Seat inner width (blet holes area) : 390 mm
  • G - Bottom length : 490 mm
  • H - Internal width between side head protections : 310 mm
  • I - External width between side head protections : 420 mm
  • L - Height from the bottom to the harness slot: 665 mm
  • 5 Harness Slots
  • 10.2 Weight (KG)
  • Side fixing : inner side int. 289 mm


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