obp Motorsport - Water Header Tank, Vertical, 8" H x 4" Dia, without Cap

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obp Motorsport - Water Header Tank, Vertical, 8" H x 4" Dia, without Cap

This lightweight aluminum coolant header tank (expansion or fill tank) has barbed inlet and outlet fittings for use with rubber coolant hose. The bottom fitting accepts 3/4" ID hose, and the top inlet accepts 3/8" ID hose. The vent outlet accepts 5/16" hose. The tank has built-in side mounting brackets and accepts a standard radiator cap (sold separately).

A header tank is recommended for racing applications where the top of the radiator is mounted lower than the top of the engine. Mounting the tank higher than the engine insures a complete fill and provides an air space for expansion. Accepts any standard automotive radiator cap such as their Stant Radiator Caps, sold separately.

Total width, including mounting tabs: 5 7/8"
Depth (mounting surface to front): 4 3/8"
Diameter of can, without fittings: 4"
Overall height, including filler neck: 8 5/8"
Height of can without filler neck: 7 3/4"
Depth that bottom barb (3/4" OD) protrudes from can: 1 3/4"
Depth that top barb (3/8" OD) protrudes from can: 1 1/4"
Capacity: 1.5 quarts
Maximum recommended pressure cap: 30psi

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