obp Motorsport - Brake Line Lock, Lever Type, 1/8 BSP Ports

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obp Motorsport - Brake Bias Valve Lever Type

A line lock is a manual valve that locks hydraulic pressure in a brake line. Line locks are typically installed on the front brakes of rear-drive drag racing cars to enable easier burnouts. They can also be used to hold a car at the starting line while your feet are busy with the clutch and throttle pedals. To use, simply apply the brakes firmly and turn the lever. When you release the pedal, the affected brake(s) will remain locked until you turn the lever back to the released position.

This high-strength valve (rated to 7500 psi) has 1/8 BSP female inlet and outlet ports. Valve body measures 2 3/4" long x 1" wide x 1 1/4" high. The handle is 4 3/4" long and adds 1 1/2" to the height.

his unit is used in competeition Hillclimbs, Sprint events, Burn-outs and Drifting.

This unit fits into the hydraulic brake system to enable locking of front or rear wheels - ideal for a parking brake or for burn-outs. Once plumbed in, the footbrake can be applied to create hydraulic pressure in the system - then simply turn the lever to lock the pressure in the lines and lock the appropriate wheels - this unit is rated to 7500 psi.

Supplied with 1/8 BSP female outlets.

The Benefits When Using This Product Is:

  • Ideal For Grid Starts
  • Simple To Install
  • Lock Off Front or Rear Wheels For Burn-Outs
  • A Drifters Dream

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