Nameless Performance - 18" Hydraulic Handbrake - BLACK

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Nameless Performance 18" BLACK Hydraulic Handbrake 

The Nameless Performance Hydraulic Handbrake - BLACK provides a reliable solution for all car racing enthusiasts. Its design eliminates common issues found in other handbrakes on the market, giving a sturdy grip and instilling confidence. This handbrake, precisely CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, is available in two heights - 18" and 13".

Its durable construction and easy installation, weighing only 2.4 pounds, make it an essential component for any serious race car. Choose between a pass-through, reservoir or no master cylinder to suit your specific requirements. Fulfill your need for speed with the Nameless Performance Hydraulic Handbrake today!



  • 13" or 18" Handle with No Master Cylinder included
    This product is ideal for individuals seeking to replace their worn-out hand brake on their drift or rally car. The base is compatible with 2 bolt Wilwood or Tilton master cylinders that are firewall mounted, and its mounting holes are designed as a direct replacement for other handbrakes available in the market.
  • 13" or 18" Handle with Pass Through Master Cylinder, 3/4" diameter
    This hydraulic handbrake is the standard option in rally cars and is exclusively used in all of our race cars at Nameless. It's also ideal for budget drift builds, eliminating the need for a second set of calipers and the associated costs. Mounted in line with the rear brake circuit, the master cylinder activates the rear calipers with a pull of the handle while the front brakes can still function independently.
  • 13" or 18" Handle with Reservoir Style Master Cylinder, 3/4" diameter
This style of master cylinder has the brake fluid reservoir integrated into the master cylinder for use with a separate set of rear calipers (not included).

This style is the most common in drift cars. 


  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 13" or 18" tall handle, 6" deep (w/o master cylinder), 2.5" wide
  • Wilwood aluminum base
  • High quality steel hardware
  • Two mounting holes for m8 or 5/16" hardware (not included)

Optional: Hydraulic Handbrake Microswitch Kit 

This microswitch kit is the perfect solution for various applications, including gathering data on handbrake timing, sending data to your center differential controller for disengagement of the differential, and many more. It features a T304 stainless steel installation bracket with adjustable mounting provisions for setting the engagement point. Additionally, it includes an IP67 rated automotive-grade Panasonic microswitch, 11" of cable terminated into an IP67 rated Deutsch DTM connector, and a corresponding connector kit, providing everything needed for easy device integration. Compatible with all versions of the Nameless Performance Hydraulic Handbrake, including the V1 and V2 in both 12" and 18" height, as well as our new horizontal version.

Optional : Hydraulic Handbrake Parking Latch

Experience the enhanced locking latch mechanism that has met all requirements for the American Rally Association. With a sleek design, it effectively secures your vehicle on flat surfaces, providing a sophisticated solution to a persistent problem. Its compact and versatile design can be easily adjusted to suit your specific master cylinder and caliper sizes, delivering the desired level of stopping force. Compatible with most handbrakes on the market, it works perfectly with our billet handbrake base or Wilwood style base. Keep in mind, this is not recommended for long term parking; for that, we suggest a cable handbrake. However, it is an ideal solution for short term retention in situations such as hot grid, parc expose, timing control and more. Perfect for various motorsport applications.

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