Molecule Performance Helmet Care Kit - 4x 4 oz. Spray Bottles

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Molecule Performance Helmet Care Kit - 4x 4 oz. Spray Bottles

This kit provides all the necessary tools for helmet care. The included spray is a combination of cleaner and polish, specifically designed to keep helmets in pristine condition and protected. It can safely be used on different finishes and visors, including flat and matte ones. The kit also includes a refresher to maintain the cleanliness of the helmet's interior, anti-fog solution to ensure a clear visor, and a rain repellent for the exterior of the visor. Please note, the Stilo visor's interior should not be treated with this product. Additionally, a microfiber towel is included to help keep your helmet fresh and clean.

  • (1) bottle of Light Duty Cleaner and Polish
  • (1) bottle of REFRESHER
  • (1) bottle of ANTI-FOG
  • (1) bottle of RAIN REPEL
  • (1) microfiber cloth

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