Mishimoto - Oil Cooler Kit - 15+ Subaru WRX

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Mishimoto - Oil Cooler Kit - 15+ Subaru WRX

Mishimoto is expanding their line of 2015 WRX parts! High oil temperatures can wreak havoc on your high-performance 2015 WRX FA20 DIT. Protect your investment with the Mishimoto direct-fit oil cooler kit designed specifically for the 2015+ Subaru WRX. The 2015 WRX has tons to offer with its turbocharged engine and fantastic AWD system, but the stock 2015 WRX liquid-to-liquid oil cooler cannot handle prolonged aggressive driving conditions. 

This 2015 WRX kit is designed to work in conjunction with the stock liquid-to-liquid to maintain optimal oil temperature. Properly regulated oil temperatures becomes even more important if you have modified your vehicle or spend time tracking your 2015 WRX. Mishimoto's direct-fit 2015 WRX oil cooler is engineered to reduce oil temperatures and extend the life of your engine. For optimal airflow and cooling, this kit includes a large 19-row cooler that is mounted in the front bumper with robust application-specific brackets. The included application-specific CNC-machined aluminum sandwich plate has been designed to allow proper clearance of the stock oil filter.

This 2015 WRX kit includes preassembled stainless steel lines with -10AN fittings to help direct the oil to and from the cooler. With this setup, your 2015 WRX can achieve a +25°F (+13.9°C) drop in oil temperatures with minimal pressure loss. The Mishimoto Subaru WRX Oil Cooler Kit is available with either a Sleek Silver or Stealth Black oil cooler. As with all our 2015 WRX parts, this kit includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.
  • Direct fit for the 2015+ Subaru WRX
  • Proven 20+°F (11.1+°C) drop in oil temperature
  • Full bolt-on oil cooling solution for street and track vehicles
  • No modification necessary for installation
  • Billet aluminum thermostatic oil sandwich plate allows oil to reach optimum temperature
  • 19-row oil cooler strategically mounted in the lower grille for maximum airflow
  • CNC-machined aluminum spacer for the oil sandwich plate
  • Silicone hose bypasses stock liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger
  • Includes preassembled stainless steel braided oil lines with -10AN fittings
  • Cooler available in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black
  • Increases oil capacity by 0.75 qt
  • This oil cooler kit retains the use of your stock liquid to liquid oil cooler unit
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Material 6061 Aluminum

Core Height 5.43"

Rows 19

Cooler Construction Stacked-plate



Core Thickness 1.97"

Core Length 11"

Fitting Size -10AN

Engine Codes FA20DIT

Chassis Codes VA

Install Torque Specs

Recommended torque specification for all straight fittings and banjo bolts: 15-25 ft/lbs (operating range). Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 35 ft/lbs.


It is the installer's responsibility to check all thermostat plugs, NPT plugs, line fittings, and other connections to assure they are fully tightened before operating the vehicle. Mishimoto recommends that you check all connections at regular intervals, especially during the first few miles after installation. For additional technical information, click here to contact us http://www.mishimoto.com/contact.html

Increase In Oil Capacity 0.75 qt

Temp Difference 25°F

Purchase Includes

(2) Application-Specific Mounting Brackets
(1) Application-Specific Oil Sandwich Plate
(1) 19-Row Oil Cooler (Silver or Black)
(1) 4ft Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 45° and 90° -10AN Fittings
(1) 5ft Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 45° and 90° -10AN Fittings
(1) Stainless Steel Sandwich Plate Adapter, M20 x M20
(2) Banjo Fitting w/ Bolt M20 x -10AN, Black
(1) Large O-Ring
(1) Mounting Hardware Set
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Also Fits 2015+ Subaru WRX

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