Hoosier Racing Tire Radial Wet H2O

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Hoosier Racing Tire Radial Wet H2O

The Hoosier Racing Tire Radial Wet H20 Hoosier's wet racetrack & autocross ONLY tire developed for drivers who participate in autocross and road racing events in moderate to heavy rain.

Hoosier Racing Tire Radial Wet H2O feature an aromatic oil-free wet weather tread compound that offers traction for fast and consistent lap times, along with improved treadwear and durability in damp to drying track conditions. This compound is molded into a directional tread design featuring a combination of circumferential and "Y-shaped" lateral tread grooves. Through the initial portion of their life (between their beginning tread depth of 8/32-inch and approximately 4/32-inch of remaining tread depth), the walls of the tread grooves taper as the tires wear. Through the remainder of their tread depth (between 4/32-inch tread depth and worn out), the walls are molded vertically. This allows the tires to serve as full wet tires when used at their original 8/32-inch tread depth, or intermediate wet tires when shaved or worn to approximately 4/32-inch of remaining tread depth due to the reduced tread squirm and increased footprint contact area.

Hoosier Racing Tire Radial Wet H2O have a symmetric internal construction and directional tread design that allow them to be mounted for use on either side of the car. The tire's internal structure features a three-ply nylon cord radial casing reinforced by two fiberglass belts and a spirally wound circumferential nylon cap ply under the tread.


Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. offers racing tires for sale only upon the conditions and the terms contained in this disclaimer of liability and indemnity. Due to many varied and different conditions which Hoosier Racing Tires and Tubes are exposed and because of the manner in which racing is conducted, Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. makes absolutely no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or of merchantability in connection with any offer of sale of Hoosier Racing Tires and tubes. "HOOSIER RACING TIRES AND TUBES ARE SOLD AS IS." Race tires are not tested or labeled to meet FMVSS 109, 119, 139 or ECE36 Safety Standards. Therefore it is dangerous and illegal to sell race tires for use on public highways. Any person selling Hoosier Racing Tires or Tubes for highway use agrees to indemnity and reimburse Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. for all loss, damage, or liability Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. may suffer because of such sales. Not applicable where prohibited by law. Not following these warnings can cause SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. For more information read tire labels, follow manufacturer's warnings as molded in tire sidewalls and visit hoosiertire.com.

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