HANS - Sport 3 20 (Third Generation)


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HANS - III 20 (Third Generation)

The HANS III exemplifies the company's dedication to continually improving their renowned head-and-neck restraint product.

The HANS III, the newest FIA-approved device, incorporates advanced injection-molding technology, resulting in a lighter weight compared to the original Sport and the lighter Sport II. Inspired by HANS Devices used in the top racing circuits, the open backboard design reduces excess material for a weight closer to the higher-end carbon-fiber Pro models. At just 1.8 pounds, the Large size HANS III is likely lighter than your helmet.

The HANS III offers the same level of protection as previous HANS Devices but with a new polymer, updated design, and strategic reinforcements. It is fully approved by both the FIA and SFI for use in all auto racing categories, from SCCA to F1.

This product comes equipped with Vision Advantage PLUS sliding tethers, black contour padding, Pro series PA-type helmet anchor posts, and detailed instructions. It is specifically designed for comfortably fitting the majority of sedans and some sports racers with somewhat upright seating.

To determine the correct size, measure your neck and follow the chart below.

Neck Size* 14" to 17" 16" to 20"
HANS Size Medium Large

* Drivers with highly developed neck and trapezuis muscles may require one size larger than their neck size alone would indicate. Driver comfort is always the deciding factor.


HANS III device is available in Medium and Large only

Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes

You may find that several HANS Devices fit your body - choose the most comfortable one.

All HANS Devices work exactly the same no matter which size you choose.

Note: All HANS Devices are now coming standard equipped with a sliding tether. The sliding tether allows the driver more peripheral vision then the fixed tethers of the past.

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