FUELAB - 49501 - 495 Series Low Pressure In-Tank Lift Pump


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FUELAB - 495 Series Low Pressure In-Tank Lift Pump

These Low Pressure, Low current Draw In-Tank Fuel Pumps are easily adaptable for fit any fuel tank or fuel cell. Gasoline and ethanol compatible, these pumps are perfectly suited for transferring fuel out of saddle tanks or can be used to feed an external Fuel Surge Tank or Collector. Install multiple pumps to scavenge fuel from various sections of the tank to feed a main Collector. Available in three different outlet styles including nipple, -6AN and SAE connections. Simple ring terminal style power connections, light weight, and includes a straining filter to make these pumps not only versatile but easy to install. Flows 160lph @ free flow.

9mm Nipple Outlet. Flows 160lph @ free flow

Gasoline and Ethanol Compatible
Low Current Draw
Ring Terminal Power Connection
Straining Filter Included


Technical Data Sheet


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