Cusco - Camber Pillowball Front Upper Mount CT9A - Mitsubishi EVO 8/9

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Cusco - Camber Pillowball Front Upper Mount CT9A - Mitsubishi EVO 8/9


Cusco suspension parts are engineered to enhance vehicle handling, whether used alone or in conjunction with other Cusco products. By combining these high-quality components, drivers can achieve superior performance levels. These precision performance parts are ideal for fine-tuning in various types of motorsports, and are crucial when stock components fail to meet the demands of intense motorsports activities.


Improve the performance of your Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 with the Cusco - Camber Pillowball Front Upper Mount. This mount reduces factory bushing slop and increases direct contact with the road surface, working in tandem with other high-performance upgrades like high grip tires.

Cusco features a variety of mounts for different vehicles: camber adjust, fixed, center lock, and gravel spec. The most commonly used are the Camber Adjustable type with a built-in pillowball assembly. Additional options include non-camber-adjustable fixed pillowball type and gravel spec, designed specifically for gravel rally. These upper mounts replace the weak factory rubber with a more sturdy and direct connection to the road, providing improved input to the driver and maintaining alignment during intense cornering.

Benefit - Essential for upgrading to suspension coilovers, the Cusco - Camber Pillowball Front Upper Mount - Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 provides a solid state that minimizes road irregularities, allowing the suspension to better absorb them rather than relying on rubber components. This leads to improved control and handling of the vehicle.

Features / Specification -This product utilizes a 6mm thick plate made of 2017S duralumin for both center lock and camber adjustable functionality. It is designed to accommodate various shock absorbers and is accompanied by a complete selection of customizable pillow nuts and collars.

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