Chillout Systems - Y Coolant Hose (14 FT)

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Chillout Systems - 14' Y Coolant Hose

Constructed with the highest quality materials, the Chillout Motorsports Y Coolant Hose ensures efficient transfer of coolant. It is encased in a durable and tear-resistant fabric for added insulation.

The hose has a primary length of 10 ft. and branches into two 4 ft. ends with ¼” fittings, allowing for multiple cooling garments to be connected to one driver cooling unit. If the length is not suitable for your setup, it can be easily cut to the desired length. The package also includes additional shrink wrap for a polished and secure finish.


This 14 ft hose comes with extra heat shrink tubing for customized sizing while maintaining a polished appearance.

This hose can be connected to other hoses using a Y connector to extend its length. It features double insulation with one layer protecting the hoses and insulation, and the other maintaining optimal coolant temperature for efficient performance.

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