Chillout Systems - 4 inch NACA Duct Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight

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Chillout Systems - NACA Duct 4 Inch Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight

Our 4 inch NACA duct is ultra lightweight and has been rigorously tested in wind tunnels. It delivers over 55% more airflow compared to standard 3 inch NACA ducts. For optimal cooling efficiency, combine it with 4 inch tube ducting and a 4 inch plenum in your cooling system setup.

The NACA duct is designed to increase airflow without creating excess drag by gradually and smoothly increasing the cross-sectional flow area. This prevents separation of airflow and subsequent turbulence, resulting in a more efficient and effective air intake system for vehicles. Compared to a plain scoop, the NACA duct can create a vacuum-like effect without the negative effects of drag.

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