Chillout Systems - Breakaway Coupling (Single Coupling)

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Chillout Systems - Breakaway Coupling (Single Coupling)

Our breakaway assembly features two independent mechanisms that securely connect and breakaway at 9lbs of pressure. Unlike other brands, our break-away adaptors are highly durable, and can be connected and disconnected thousands of times. These adaptors are independently placed on the tubing, allowing for the most optimal breakaway location in emergency situations. 

The latch design of our Breakaway Coupling (Single Coupling) ensures that unintentional release is prevented during standard operating conditions. However, it also enables hands-free release in emergency situations. With 2 pieces and ¼” hose connectors included, our coupling requires only 9 pounds of force to release, while other brands may need up to 40 pounds. This makes our product a more efficient and reliable choice.

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