Cartek Motorsport Electronics - Time Attack Cool Down Light Kit


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Cartek Motorsports Electronics - Time Attack Cool Down Light Kit

The new Cool Down Lap Light [ CDLL ] has been developed for Time Attack by motorsport industry specialists Cartek Automotive as a spec item to further enhance the driver awareness on track of cars which are not attacking the circuit on that particular lap and are keeping out of the way of others on hot laps during competition.

The light has been specifically manufactured for Time Attack by Cartek from their existing MSA rain light variant which has unique features for use only in Time Attack where we have specific competition requirements compared to other motorsport formulas. Its use forms part of the 2015 official sporting regulations.

The light is to be installed on the rear centre line of the car so it is visible to cars following behind and is additionally plumbed in to the cars existing headlamp wiring system. When the cars headlamps are off, the light will emit a special high intensity sequence of flashes to denote that the car is not on a flying lap [ TA cars are required to put on headlamps to signal to others when they are on a hot lap ]. When the car is on a hot lap and the headlamps are switched on, the CDDL switches off completely to indicate to others that the car is no longer on a cool lap and is now attacking the circuit.

There is also an additional switch that can over ride the function for use in darkness or in wet conditions [ where headlamps must be switched on regardless of whether a car is attacking or not ] so that headlamps can be put on and the light can still flash as desired.

The light comes as a full kit including the special switch and fitting instructions and is exclusively available from the Time Attack shop here.

The light is a Championship spec item for the following reasons:

Specific high intensity flashing sequence only seen in Time Attack to ensure uniform and unmistakable identity of all cars not running at full pace for approaching cars

Specific wiring of the light to allow for interruption by headlamp circuit

MSA/FIA approved and sealed all weather unit

Spec switch to over ride the system in wet/darkness conditions

The light comes for use in a horizontal LED layout and has two mounting studs in the rears of the casing for easy fitment – additional lengths of wiring and or connectors may be required and are not included in the kit. Wiring instructions are included.

CDLL Specification:
Size: 90mm X 57mm
Weight: 135g
Construction:One-piece solid resin moulding
Lighting: Fifteen 10mm multi-chip LEDs, 5×3 formation, 40cm² area
Intensity: 220cd straight ahead, 190cd @ 10deg Up, Down, Left, Right (Universal orientation)
Mounting: Two M6 stainless steel studs
Electrical: 9V – 16V, 250mA @ 13.5V = 3.3W (static), 130mA @ 13.5V = 1.8W (flashing)

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