Cartek - Power Distribution Module (Unit ONLY w/ Connection Lead)

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** Power Distribution Module ONLY , Panels and switches sold separately from this model. Refer to Part # CK-PK-08 For Full kit. **

The 4 channel Power Distribution Module from CARTEK has been designed to replace the functions of fuses,
circuit breakers and relays in one small, fully electronic unit.

This    Power    Distribution    Module    is  ideal  for  race
cars  and  motorcycles  which  have  minimal  onboard
electrical  circuits    but    still    require    rugged    and
reliable protection and control.

Simple connections and no configuration procedures
makes this system very easy use and quick to install.

Outputs  can  be  used  to  control  power  to  various
devices    such    as    ECUs,    instrumentation,  lighting,
starter solenoid, radiator fan, etc.

Visual    over-current    and    short-circuit  indication
makes fault finding simple.

Can be supplied on it’s own or as a kit with switch


  • Fully electronic with no moving parts.
  • Totally sealed against water and dirt.
  • Completely resistant to shock and vibration.
  • Each channel incorporates over-current protection.
  • Channels  can  be  controlled  by  switch  or  signal
  • Dual-coloured status LED for each channel.
  • Very small and weighs just 80g.
  • Manufactured in UK using high quality components.


  • Size:L = 90mm,  W = 42mm.
  • Weight:80g.
  • Positive Power terminal:M6 stud.
  • Channel Output connections: 6.3mm Male Spade Terminals
  • Electrical Connector:Binder
  • Flying Lead:Binder 79 3384 42 04 (2 meter long)
  • Operational Voltage:7v - 18v
  • Outputs:10A - 12A (continuous), 18A (10 seconds)
    each channel. Maximum total 50A.
  • Current consumption:0.02A (No Load)
  • Operating temperature:-10°C  -  +85°C.
  • Storage temperature:-40°C - +125°C