Cartek Motorsport Electronics - 16 Channel Power Distribution Panel

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Cartek Motorsports Electronics - 16 Channel Power Distribution Panel

The next generation of Power Distribution

Cartek Motorsport Electronics are pleased to announce the new Power Distribution Panel. This product is a full redesign of their successful but bespoke, Power Control Panels, with the main aim of allowing the user to customise and configure it themselves.

The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is an all-in-one solid state solution to power distribution in your race car. Designed to replace all the Fuses, Relays and Switches - this unit greatly simplifies the wiring, saving weight and maximising reliability.


  • The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is a 16 Channel PDM and Switch panel in one, The main advantage of using a Power Distribution Panel is that it directly replaces 16 Fuses, Relays, Switches and all the wiring in between.
  • 16 User Configurable Channels (no Laptop required)
  • Selectable current settings of 5, 10 or 15 Amps. Combine two channels together for 20, 25 or 30 Amps
  • Selectable Functions such as:

-Momentary action (Starter Motor, Washer Pump etc)

-Latching (with memory)

-Latching (without memory)

-Latching with Time Delay (Heated Screen)

-Flashing (Indicators etc)

-Toggling (Headlights High Beam/Low Beam)

-0v Momentary action (use as ordinary switch for ECU Map etc)

  •  Over Current and Short Circuit Protection - no Fuses or Relays needed.
  • Multi coloured Label Sheet included for full customisation.
  • 2 Back light settings as standard.
  • 16 Momentary Switch Inputs - allowing any channel to be operated by an additional switch or the CARTEK Wireless Control System.
  • 16 ECU Inputs - allows the ECU to turn on channels such as Fuel Pumps.
  • 4 Dedicated function inputs - Flash Input for Lights, Wash Input for Wipers, Wiper Park position etc.

Easy to program

unlike most PDM’s on the market our Power Distribution Panel does not need a laptop to program the configuration. Preset options for functionality and current settings can be chosen by going through a simple process via the switch panel. This saves the user time and any potential labour costs in setting it up.

The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market due to the switch panel being designed as part of the package, whereas most other PDM’s require expensive CAN-Bus Switch Panels to be purchased and programmed separately.

Customize your own

Two Sticker sets come with every Power Distribution Panel:
1) Multi-coloured Label Set
2) Black and white Label Set

Both Label sets allow back light illumination

Connector Kits
CARTEK offer a choice of connection packages, each sold separately.

CK-PDP-CC: Two connectors and 39 crimped wires (30-50cm wire length)

CK-PDP-LF: Two connectors and 50 loose crimps (wiring & crimp tool required).


Size: W=108 mm,  H=30 mm, L=85 mm
Weight: 625g
Rear connectors: AMP 1-776231-1, AMP 1-776231-5
M6 Stud for Power Input
Operating Voltage: 6-12v
Total Output Current: 160 A (Continuous)
Current Settings: 0A, 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A
Power Outputs: 16
ECU Inputs: 16
Switch Inputs/Outputs :16
Battery Isolator XR Signal Inputs: 2
Operating Temperature: -10 -+85
Wiper Control: Dedicated Wiper module with park position input.
Back Light: Low and High power settings
Environmental Protection: Front and Rear Gaskets, protection from Dirt.

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