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Broken Motorsports - Subaru GC Coupe, Sedan & Wagon Roll Cage Kit

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Broken Motorsports Roll Cage Kit for Subaru GC Coupe & Sedan

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The Subaru GC cage kit is built using DOM material made from steel mills here in the USA

Every kit has been measured precisely, directly from the chassis, yielding amazing results.

This is a short video to show the design of our rally cage kit for the GD body style sedan. This is ONLY the initial test fit and not the final welded installed kit!

This cage kit fits:

  • Subaru Impreza Coupe, Sedan & Wagon 1993-2001 

All of our roll cage kits are 100% digitally bent and 80% plasma notched.

Made in the USA with USA produced steel.

All kits are built to follow sanction rules within the USA, however may still comply with rules for other countries and sanctions, check your local rules.

This particular design utilizes an “X” in the roof and an “X” between the down bars in the back of the cage to the rear strut towers.

This is what we refer to as the “Rally X” kit.

Not pictured in this video are the inclusion of the following items:

  • Boxes Base plates
  • All required gussets
  • Front strut tower tie ins (Rally kits only)

These kits are intended to be installed by a professional with proper knowledge, tools and welding skills.

- Shipping Delay : 2 to 4 weeks -