Alaria Tech - Dual Master Cylinder Booster Delete

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Alaria Tech - Dual Master Cylinder Booster Delete

The ALARIA “DMBD” (Dual Master Booster Delete) is finally available!  Current applications include the Nissan S-Chassis family of vehicles (S13, S14, S15 240sx, 180sx, Silvia, etc.) along with the Nissan 350Z/ G35.   More applications are coming including GT86 and others.   

This setup eliminates the OEM booster and master cylinder and replaces them with two independent master cylinders (Tilton or Wilwood) and allows true bias adjustment via balance bar and optional remote bias knob in the cabin just like a pedal box.   

We understand a lot of people want the “industry standard” 6:1 ratio but having the ability to make that pedal easier or harder will now be adjustable by the end user. Depending on application, ratios will be configurable in a decent range similar to that of aftermarket pedal assemblies.  We thought this feature was worth the wait and we hope you do too.

Master Cylinder and Balance Bar are NOT INCLUDED and can be purchased separately. 


THIS PART IS FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY!!!!! Not intended for road going vehicles.

Benefits include:

  • Billet Rocker arm with adjustable pedal ratio
  • TIG Welded, Zinc coated bracket 
  • allows the use of Motorsport grade braking components and adjustment without the need to fabricate mounting/ plumb a pedal box. 
  • Adjustable pedal ratio provides ability to dial in brake pedal leverage/ feel
  • true dual masters which makes front and rear bias adjustment possible (in cockpit adjustment available with the addition of a bias adjustment knob)
  • safer in the rare case of a MC failure you would still have one axles worth of brakes
  • if running a large cam setup with little vacuum you will not need a vacuum pump for your booster
  • better pedal feel for brake modulation
  • will pass FD Pro Spec rules for 2023 
  • No cutting or drilling of the car is required


Possible Pedal Ratio:

 350Z 5.42, 5.61, 5.80, 5.99, 6.18, 6.37, 6.56
S-Chassis 5.63, 5.83, 6.03, 6.23, 6.43, 6.63, 6.83

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