Alaria Tech - 370Z Differential Cooler Kit

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Alaria Tech - 370Z Differential Cooler Kit

ALARIA Technical Manufacturing is proud to introduce our bolt-in Nissan 370Z Differential cooler kit.

For anyone that has driven their car in an environment that includes lots of consecutive twists and turns, you have most likely noticed the downfalls of the factory system.  It is very common for racers to only see a few laps on a track before the oil in the diff gets well above its operating range, and in those cases you will see anything from unpredictable changes in how the car drives due to an overheated limited slip to pressure build up and fluid escaping from the vent and spilling on to the track and the underside of your car.   Both of these scenarios can become very dangerous when the car is being pushed to its limits. Overheating of the differential is also breaking down the fluid at a much faster rate than a fluid that stays in its optimal temperature range will.   Fluid that is overheated and broken down will cause premature wear to your expensive drivetrain components like the ring and pinion and your high dollar limited slip differential.

We have worked for countless hours to provide a solution that includes nothing but high grade, motorsports quality parts and a design that is not only easy to install but also aesthetically pleasing.

What is included in the kit:

-ALARIA Mounting bracket and shroud in a durable black powdercoat

-Complete Stainless/ locking hardware kit

-Setrab Oil Cooler

-SPAL Fan pack and shroud

-Tilton/ Genesis fluid transfer pump

-ALARIA line and fitting kit utilizing XRP products.

**** IF using the Z1 rear cover  you will need a custom banjo fitting setup that is an additional $55.00****

The full set up requires very basic tools and a slight mechanical ability to be installed.

Due to spacial constraints in the rear of the car, this assembly will not work with a factory exhaust, or aftermarket exhaust that fills the same location. We have verified fitment with the Tomei Ti Single exhaust, and the Fast Intentions TDX Catback system. Should fit with many others, and there is always the option to trim the shroud if needed as we left plenty of room to do so.

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