Inducer: 48mm
Exducer: 60mm
Trim: 65
A/R: .70


Inducer: 54mm
Exducer: 49mm
Trim: 84

Standard Rotation

Assembly Kit includes core and turbine kit

A/R  In / Out Wastegate 
871389-5004S   0.72 v-band  Free Float
871389-5005S 0.92 v-band  Free Float


Standard Rotation

Turbo PN Assembled and calibrated by Garrett with 1.0 bar actuator (14.7PSI)

A/R  In / Out Wastegate 
877895-5001S 0.49 T25 / v-band  Yes
877895-5003S 0.72 v-band  Yes
877895-5004S 0.92 v-band Yes