FIA Introduces new Homologation Standard affecting 5-Point Harnesses 

Motorsport safety demands have changed over the last twenty years and the FIA have introduced a new standard for harnesses; 8853:2016. The aim of the new standard is to ensure improved strength during frontal and angled frontal impacts and all harnesses from January 2018 must be manufactured to this new standard.

5-Point harnesses are not included under 8853:2016; meaning you now only have the option of purchasing a 6-Point to comply with FIA requirements.

If you are using a harness manufactured to the old standard (8853:98) you can continue to use this, but you will need to upgrade to a 6-Point once it has passed it's expiry date.

The harnesses manufactured to the new standard will also now carry a gold coloured FIA Homologation label, rather than the silver label which was used previously, meaning they can be easily identified.

The new standard also dictates that the crutch strap must be a t-bar (or 'moustache') rather than a 'v' type configuration.

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