Diode Dynamics - Stage Series 18" White Light Bar

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Diode Dynamics - Stage Series 18" White Light Bar

Diode Dynamics presents their STAGE SERIES LED lighting, developed for professional rally drivers who demand top functionality. Compact, with custom-engineered TIR optics and a practical beam pattern, these light bars are built to last.


  • Advanced TIR optics provide high efficiency and focus
  • High-intensity automotive-type LEDs with pure white color
  • Available in Driving, Flood, or Combo beam patterns
  • Slim 42mm housing for low-profile fitment
  • Durable matte powdercoated extrusion

What's Included

In the Box:
  • One (1) LED light bar
  • One (1) wire pigtail
  • Universal bracket set
Quantity: One (1)
  • Two (2) M6 Hex Screws, for main mounting point
  • Two (2) M5 Hex Screws, for rear mounting point

Initially, a slim and elongated casing was selected to enable easy installation in compact and restricted spaces. With a height of under 42mm, these lights can be placed in numerous locations where a standard dual-row light bar would not fit, significantly reducing the overall weight as a bonus.

Despite its compact size, this light bar is packed with power. Utilizing high-intensity Lumileds LED chips and our U.S. PATENT PENDING TIR optic, the Stage Series offers significantly greater total intensity compared to traditional light bars with standard optics. Unlike standard optics that lose light internally and to glare, our TIR optic captures all of the LED's light and directs it precisely where it is needed, resulting in reduced glare and improved efficiency.

Crafted using advanced optical simulation modeling, this TIR optic precisely shapes the beam pattern for superior functionality. Unlike a basic "spot" pattern, the Stage Series features a rectangular Driving pattern, perfect for quickly directing light in the distance. Additionally, the Wide option offers a generous field of view without any wasted light in the sky. With precise direction and no unnecessary shine, these light bars provide targeted illumination.

When installed as a pair and aimed according to state regulations, the six-inch size of this product meets SAE J581 standards as a driving/auxiliary high beam light and SAE J583 standards as a foglamp, making it legal for on-road use. Please consult local laws and regulations for proper aiming, installation, and compliance.

All Stage Series LED lighting products use a standard Deutsch-style connector, and come with a 1-foot pigtail, with bare leads. You can wire yourself, or select an optional wire harness.

Diode Dynamics is pleased to offer a limited 8 year warranty on all Stage Series products.

Installation Guide

8 Year Limited Warranty
In addition to our standard 3 Year replacement warranty, this product carries an additional 5 years of protection against manufacturing defect, for a total of 8 years of warranty coverage. 

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