Broken Motorsports - Nissan 370Z Z34 Z33 G35 G37 - Rear Dual Z32 Brake Bracket kit

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Broken Motorsports - Nissan 370Z Z34 Z33 G35 G37 - Rear Dual Z32 Brake Bracket kit

The only kit on the market to use Z32 calipers for the Z33/Z34/G35/G37 platform!!! 

This kit was designed specifically for the #safariZ in order to fit the 15 inch gravel tires and wheels on the car. This kit utilizes a pair of Nissan 300ZX/Z32 rear calipers per side and a “Base” model 370Z/Z34 rear rotor. 

This is a great way to run the popular Z32 calipers and be able to get down to as small as a 15” wheel if you desire! 


The only kit on the market available for you to get down to a 15” wheel to use a proper stage rally wheels and tires or a proper off road tire setup to crawl it over the big stuff! 

Check out Braid Wheels and Speedline Wheels, and match them with Hoosier Tires


Ideal for grassroots drifters who are looking to run something smaller than an 18” tire and have the 370Z with Akebono Sport brakes! This kit will fit 17” tires without issue! 


Great way to get down to a smaller, lighter brake package to run those skinnys up front and fattys out back! -- > Hoosier Tires <--

Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum and anodized red with CNC cut Broken Motorsports logos front and rear, these are a strong and fashionable statement to your Safari/Rally, Drift or Drag Race project. 

One OEM calliper ear will need to be removed in order to install this kit. 



2x Caliper Bracket

2x Axle Spacer

8x 40mm long bolts (for bearing)

8x 20mm long bolts (for calipers)

Couple this Bracket Kit with:

Centric Front Premium Rotors and Centric Rear Premium Rotors.

Hawk Performance Break Pads


  • If intending to use 15 or 16 inch wheels, you will need the Broken Motorsports Low Profile Angle Kit to clear the wheels. Coming Soon!
  • Broken Motorsports Gravel Brake Line Kit. Coming Soon!
  • Longer wheel studs should also be used to ensure proper thread engagement on lug nuts, like ARP 100-7716
  • You will need open lug nuts to use the longer wheel studs.
  • 25mm wheel spacers are ideal to push out the 15” wheel with a +35 offset.

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