Dehydration and heat strokes in motorsports

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Per my usual, I was nerding out on anything automotive. Don’t ask me how, but I ended up on a Michigan State University article about a MSU scholar receiving the first ever NASCAR grant to study heat exhaustion in race car drivers.  

You're at the event, adrenaline pumping. You feel the heat, but you're too focused to realize how close you are to the edge.

As you push the limits of both yourself and your car, the high temperatures inside can lead to dehydration and overheating, posing serious risks to your health and performance.

If it is hot outside, it can be 30 degrees hotter inside.

Aside from trying to stay vigilant and hydrating every chance you get, you can use electrolytes, essential minerals. They play a crucial role in regulating chemical reactions and maintaining fluid balance within and outside cells. I personally use Liquid IV in Bill’s bottles.

Of course, the ultimate way to prevent this is the installation of a cooling system, which may or may not be in this year’s racing budget. ChillOut has been offering an iceless system that is greatly appreciated for its convenience and ease of use. I always recommend using the 4" duct and an extra fan to maximize its effectiveness. Just let me know, I can give you all the info.

Chillout cooling system for race car driver

Alright, go get that car ready for the next race.

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