Braid motorsport wheels for made for Rally, Rallycross, Baja trucks, Porsche

Hey guys!

Are you in the market to order some awesome Braid wheels? First, let me say you are making the best choice. Braid offers phenomenal quality in cast wheels, forged wheels, flow cast, flow formed, and 3-piece wheels.

Whether you are looking to go race or you want a specific aesthetic, Braid has you covered. 

But how do you get the correct fit? Well, we have your back. First, we collect all the information about your car, year/make/model, any modifications to the suspension and brakes, the tire size desired, and also what type of event you are looking to do.

Then, we can start working with the knowledgeable Braid team to get their recommendations. We can also provide templates to physically confirm the fitment of your car. 

That's it, just like that, you get the best fitment possible! Now, sit back as I process everything and get your order in line at the factory.


Alright, that's it for today. Enjoy the day!


- E


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