LED Auxiliary lighting for automotive performance

Hey! Good to see you here.

I was researching light patterns & lens colors the other day. Apparently you could be interested in that stuff, so here it is!

Are you in the Clear or Amber lens camp? Seems like we can’t all agree on that and it is all about compromise (yes, THAT word us married folks are very familiar with).

There is no such thing as a perfect option. Some will argue that clear lenses offer a more modern aesthetics while maximizing brightness, which is ideal for clear conditions. On the other hand, amber lenses enhance visibility in fog and rain, reducing eye strain. If you want to read more, follow this link to an article that explains it very well.

And what about light patterns? First you need to determine your goals. Are you looking for higher speed long-distance lighting or some peripheral light for your late night crawl adventures? 

While browsing the intraweb, the best source of information I found was created by Baja Designs. They created an in-depth ressource for you to visualise the light patterns and determine what combination wold work best for you.

Alright, that's all I have for today. Talk soon!

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