ZeroNoise - Intrepid Intercom Amplifier

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ZeroNoise - Intrepid Intercom Amplifier

ZeroNoise Intrepid Pro Intercom Amplifier is a professional analog amplifier that has been developed in WRC. This latest version features improved electronics for even better performance. It has three noise filters that can be selected from the central switch that will deliver clearer voices and will reduce the background noise. Complete with mounting bracket so you can mount the amplifier onto your dash or roll bar.

  • Audio out enables you to connect an external camera
  • No 'pop' when you connect or disconnect headsets from the amplifier
  • Three professional noise filters
  • 2m Long helmet / headset connection cables with coiled section to keep them neat
  • Dual volume controls to get the perfect balance between driver and co-driver
  • Protected by an anti-shock and anti-vibration silicone cover
  • Powered by either a 9v battery or 12 vehicle supply via the filtered 12v power cable

Developed in conjunction with Bell racing helmets, the ZeroNoise Intrepid Pro amplifier is available with a choice of either male or female Nexus connectors making it suitable for use with a wide range of helmets or headset kits.

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