Wisefab - Nissan S-Chassis Lock kit 2.0 for S13 Hubs with rack relocation kit

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Wisefab For Nissan S-Chassis Lock kit 2.0 for S13 Hubs with rack relocation kit

The new S-Chassis lock kit 2.0 has all the benefits of 1.0 and more of everything.

There are 2 options:

  • lock kit with steering rack relocation hardware. Requires OEM front subframe cutting and welding. It moves rack 46mm forward for better Ackemann curve and a bit lower for oilpan clearance. It works all big drift series rules that require OEM subframe usage, but allow modifications for rack relocation.
  • lock kit with 30mm rack offset spacers. This is an option if front subframe cutting and welding is not possible

    More usable steering lock, feel and precise handling especially with rack relocation.

    Less sensitive steering. Increased steering ratio for smoother handling.

    More suspension travel – less interference risk at full droop. Longstroke coilover kits can be used.

    Lighter and stronger. Optimized design in combination with high strength steel is used.

    60mm drop for roll centre correction.

    Adjustable camber and caster with adjustable doubleplates.

    Adjustable lock stopper.

    Adjustable Ackermann washers included in the kit.

    Other components, packaging and clearance.
    This kit assumes coilovers to have enough clearance.
    Dependent on rim width and ET, wider fenders or fender flares would be needed.
    With tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18 etc) and lowered ride height the inner wheel wells need to be slightly modified.
    Recommended backspacing is 135-140mm (7“ ET45; 8“ ET35; 9“ ET25). If ET is smaller, then wheels stay more outwards, if ET is bigger, then spacers need to be used.

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