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SPA Technique - 4L Electrical Trigger Aluminum Bottle MFE400A - AFFF FireSense System

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SPA 4.0 Litre AFFF Alloy Electrical Car Fire Extinguisher-Single Chamber

The SPA fire suppression systems have been rigorously tested in conjunction with the BSI and MSA and fully conform to the latest FIA regulations for competition vehicles.

These systems are widely used in formulas that comply with national status regulations only and offer the competitor the same high level of protection.

They have now refined this type of system so that it can be used on either single seater or saloon / rally applications.

The 4 Litre Multi-Flow systems where designed specifically for use in closed cockpit cars i.e. Saloon, Rally and Sports cars.

They give an even two-litre split between the engine and cockpit compartments from a single chamber bottle.

Each system includes the nozzles, dekabon tubing, and other hardware needed to do a typical installation in your vehicle. 

Kit Contains:
Electrical system comes fitted with firing head.
1 x Base
2 x Straps
1 x Rectangular Strengthening Support Bracket
1 x SP007H – Power Pack (Hirschmann as standard)
2 x SP005H – Plug & Lead
1 x SP011 – Internal Fire Button
1 x SP012 – External Fire Button
5 x SP016 - Decabon Tubing (Mtr)
6 x SP030 – 6mm Nozzle
5 x SP015 – 6mm Tee
1 x SP020 – Bulkhead Fitting
1 x SP017 – ‘E’ location sticker