SPA Technique

SPA Technique - 4L Electrical & Automatic Trigger Aluminum Bottle E4A

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4.0 Liter AFFF-AR, Electrical (& Automatic) Fire Suppression System, Aluminum

NEW - FIA 2018 approved AFFF-AR (water-based foam - Alcohol Resistant) system with electrical activation. It also has a built-in Automatic activation that goes off when the thermal bulb in the firing head sees 175°F. System comes complete with everything to install.

Systems can be serviced and refilled by Stable Energies. Please call for instructions and pricing.


  • 4x AFFF Nozzle (2x Engine, 2x Cockpit)
  • 1x 10mm-8mm Y-fitting
  • 2x 8mm T-fitting
  • 1x 8mm Bulkhead fitting
  • 0.5m 10mm Decabon tubing
  • 4.5m 8mm Decabon tubing
  • 2x Bottle Mounts (w/FIA anti-torpedo tabs)
  • 1x Large E sticker
  • 1x Small E sticker
  • 1x Power Pack
  • 2x Plug and Lead
  • 1x Internal Push Button
  • 1x External Push Button (waterproof)

BOTTLE DIMENSIONS: 14.94"h x 6.0"dia
FIA Homologation No. - EX.045.17