SPA Technique - 4.0Kg Electronic Trigger Aluminum Bottle - Novec 1230 EXTREME Fire System

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SPA Technique - 4.0Kg Electronic Trigger Aluminum Bottle - Novec 1230 EXTREME Fire System

FIA Approved Fire Extinguisher System - Rally *
* As of the latest FIA document found here : Technical List Nº16 3-22-2022

This FIA approved system comes as a complete kit ready to install. You can have the peace of mind that the system you purchase is tested by the British Standard Institute on behalf of the FIA.
Utilizing our multi-directional nozzles for the engine bay and our deflector nozzle for the cockpit, gives this system impressive results in fire knockdown and fire out properties in record times.

SPA Extreme® line of FIA certified suppression systems has added a smaller, lighter, more affordable option to its arsenal.
All Extreme systems use 3MTM NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, a next generation halon replacement. This has zero ozone depletion and is non toxic, so it's safe for the driver, unlike other Halon replacements. It's non-conductive, so it won't ruin electronics. And, there's no residue or clean up.

Kit Includes:

4.5x 6mm Decabon Tubing (per Meter)
4.5x 8mm Decabon Tubing (per Meter)
3x 10mm Decabon Tubing (per Meter)
0.5x 12mm Decabon Tubing (per Meter)
1x 8mm-6mm Y-fitting
2x 10mm-8mm Y-fitting
1x 12mm-10mm Y-fitting
1x 10mm Bulkhead fitting
1x 10mm-8mm Reducer fitting
1x Power Pack (Hirschmann Style)
2x Push Button (1x Internal, 1x External Waterproof)
2x Plug & Lead
2x E-LOCATION STICKER (1x - Large, 1x - Small)
2x Bottle Mounts
2x Anti-Torpedo Brackets

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