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Sikky Mfg - Universal T56 Speed Bleeder Line

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The factory bleeder fitting on the T56 slave cylinder is quite a nuisance anytime you find yourself needing to bleed the system.

It’s hard to reach and messy to use.

Sikky’s speed bleeder line completely eliminates that issue.

Featuring a -4AN braided line, CNC machined OEM T56 slave cylinder fitting, speed bleeder nipple fitting, and mounting hardware, this is the most comprehensive and easiest to use system out there.

A tested and proven component of our LS swap master cylinder kits that’s now available for all T56 owners!


  • 4AN Braided Steel Line
  • CNC Machined OEM T56 Slave Cylinder Fitting with Clear Zinc Coating for Ultimate Durability
  • Speed Bleeder Fitting
  • Mounting Bracket
WEIGHT 1.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 2 x 6 x 10 in