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Sikky Mfg - Pull Back Reverse Mount Hydraulic Handbrake Kit

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When building your race car to perform at the highest level possible a component like your hydraulic handbrake is not one to overlook and is a crucial part in getting your car to drift with the best of them.

With plenty of cheaply made and flimsy options available it’s easy to make a mistake and get suckered into buying one of our competitors poorly made and re-branded setups.

Such a simple seeming component in reality requires incredibly tight tolerances and a robust design to ensure maximum durability.

Sikky designed this hydraulic handbrake from the ground up and machines this ultimate hydro e-brake handle here in the USA.

Our goal was to design a setup that was far superior to the competitors and we clearly succeeded.

The Sikky Pistol Grip E-Brake Handle was built for battle and the final product shows this through and through.

Featuring a knurled urethane grip that provides a no slip ergonomic feel, machined 6061 aluminum components that are extremely rigid to guarantee your handle will always pull back strait and firm, and assembled using only the highest quality hardware available, this is the superior e-brake option for you.

We also offer a relocation system that uses an additional bracket and rod allowing the user to move the master cylinder back out of the way leaving just the handle up front, which provides more room near your shifter.

Some vehicles just don’t have enough room for the standard setup and this relocation solves that problem. 

This relocation system is the perfect add-on! Constructed out of 4130 aerospace grade chromoly tubing and CNC steel brackets all with a durable zinc coating.

– Knurled Urethane Pistol Grip
– 6061 Aluminum E-Brake Handle
– Rigid Design with Smooth Precise Motion
– Your Choice of Wilwood Master Cylinder
– Black Powder Coating on all Mounting Brackets
– 4130 Aerospace Grade Chromoly Relocation Rod
– Weighs 4lbs without Relocation Rod; 6lbs with Relocation Rod
- Be sure to select the correct Master Cylinder
- Use a “Pass Through” type master cylinder when T’ing into your factory brake calipers
- Use a “Reservoir” type master cylinder when using with add on or additional calipers


    Please refer to the Master Cylinder Specification Guide to determine which master cylinder will be best for you.

    WEIGHT 10 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 26 x 10 x 8 in