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Sikky Mfg - Pro 1000 Quick Change 10” Rear End by Winters (Spool)

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The Sikky Quick Change rear by Winters is the result of years of R&D, testing, and abuse culminating in an unbeatable setup that is a game changer for any competitive vehicle.  

The ultimate combination of components for maximum strength and reliability are used in the construction of this rear including our rigid billet aluminum rear gear cover. 

This rear is the competitive advantage you need, allowing you to make gear changes in less than 5 minutes.

 Now you can quickly dial your car setup in for any track in the world. 

Allowing for ratios anywhere from 2.97 to 5.73 there are plenty of options for every application.

These differentials are built to support well over 1000hp and have endured some of the harshest racing conditions, perfectly suited for your high power application in either drift, road racing and drag racing. 

Pair this rear with one of our custom sub frames to make it an easy bolt in.

Sikky spec Winters 10″ Quick Change Rear End

Includes the following upgrades:

-Aluminum Spool

– Pro 1000 Lower Shaft

-1350 CV Driveshaft Joint

-HD CV Flanges

-Billet Alum Gear Cover Support w/ Logo

-Free Standard 4.12 ratio

WEIGHT 105 lbs
DIMENSIONS 25 x 21 x 19 in