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Sikky Mfg - LS2 Coilpack Harness Set

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The Wiring Specialties PRO SERIES LS2/Vortec Coil Pack Harnesses are designed for a direct drop-in installation into any chassis utilizing the LS1 engine. These new nylon loomed harnesses will look and perform flawlessly!

  • Any GM LS1 running LS2 Coil Packs
  • Any GM LS2
  • LQ4, LQ9, Vortec trucks

  • Brand NEW Construction
  • High Temp Nylon looming with adhesive shrink tubing
  • High Temp wire (280 degrees)
  • OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart)
  • Designed for a factory-like installation
  • OEM wiring connections and ‘T’ junctions. No soldered
  • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement
  • Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee
  • Tech support for our customers 7 days a week.
        WEIGHT 2 lbs
        DIMENSIONS 11 x 11 x 6 in