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Sikky Mfg - Holley EFI – LS2/LS3/LS7 (58x Crank Sensor) with USCAR EV6 (Oval Type) Injector Connectors – Bosch Sensor

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Sikky Mfg - Holley EFI – LS2/LS3/LS7 (58x Crank Sensor) with USCAR EV6 (Oval Type) Injector Connectors – Bosch Sensor

Looking to skip the stock ecu game? Tired of paying someone to reflash your car after marking changes? Looking for more engine safety? We’ve got you covered!

Install a Holley EFI system in your LSx swap project today! This kit is designed to work with an LS2, LS3 or LS7 that has a 58x crank sensor (what comes factory in a LS3). The injector harness for this kit is designed for what is called a USCAR connector, which is just the oval style EV6 connector.

Most LS3’s come with a EV6 style injector from the factory. This system is setup to use a drive by cable setup. For use with a drive by wire setup you will need to upgrade to the dominator ECU. Please contact the sales staff for information on that system.

Ideally this kit will be a great upgrade for any car that does not need to comply with any emissions standards. This system will allow the end user to modify the tune on the car on the fly and make accurate adjustments with real time data.

With the internal data logging this system offers anyone looking to record track data or diagnose a problem can do so quickly and easily. The Holley EFI system also allows for multiple failsafes to be programmed into the ECU to protect against engine damage, perfect for someone looking to focus on their driving and not their gauges.

As far as wiring goes these systems are fairly straight forward. They come with a harness long enough to allow the ECU to be mounted into the cabin. The plugs on the harness will plug directly into the factory sensors on your LS engine.

It has the ability to run a trigger for your fuel pump, fans and anything else you may want to run off of this system. This harness does have an RPM lead for you to connect to a factory or aftermarket tach if you wish.

If you are looking for more complete data while you drive we also offer the digital touch screen displays from Holley which offer a wide variety of data that can be feed through the CAN bus. 


  • Simple Installation – Plug and Play control of GM LS1/LS6 engines. Just plug the harness into your factory sensors, wire the power and grounds and you are ready to take complete control of your LS engine
  • More Functionality – Provides significantly more functionality than OEM or other competitive ECUs (boost control, nitrous control, water/meth injection, plus a host of additional inputs and outputs to control fans, pumps, relays etc.)
  • Easy To Use – Laptop programmable ECU includes a variety of base maps that will have you hitting the cruise or track in no time
  • Ideal For Everything – including stock 5.3L engine swaps or all out, 3,000 horsepower race cars that need a simple and powerful ECU and harness solution
  • Industry Leading Self Tuning Fuel Strategy – means less time tuning and more time enjoying the power of your LS vehicle
  • Kit includes ECU, harness, communication cable, software and and Bosch wideband 02 sensor designed to be used with GM LS1/LS6 engines with factory GM coils and a 24 tooth crank sensor
  • ECU is fully potted and can be mounted in the engine compartment or interior
  • Sealed automotive and marine grade connectors
  • 1-5 Bar MAP sensor capability
  • Optional plug and play hand-held programmer, 5.7″ touchscreen and digital gauges are available for ultimate control and vehicle monitoring
  • ECU is certified to ISO 8846, SAE J1171 & United States Coast Guard Requirements for Ignition Protection & Fire Resistance
    WEIGHT 10 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 17 x 17 x 17 in