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Sikky Mfg - BMW E36 LSx Swap Headers – 1 3/4″ Stainless Steel

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Sikky headers allow perfect drop-in fitment in the BMW E36 with a Sikky LSx (LS1 / LS2 / LS3 / LS6 / LS7) Swap Kit using a T-56 Transmission. 

  • BMW E36, 1 3/4″ Primaries, 3″ Collector, Stainless Steel
  • V-Band Flange Pre-Installed (clamp and other half included)
  • Includes New Gaskets and Bolts
  • Recommended for street use (less than 500 WHP)

Required Components:

Sikky Steering Shaft Kit – SSA-01
Steering Shaft kit required for proper clearance with headers. Aftermarket Eyeball Arms Required for fitment. Angled Spark Plug Wires (MSD is our in house “go to”)


Fitment Notes:

All Sikky chassis specific swap headers are designed around using the Sikky mount kits and components.  We cannot guarantee or confirm fitment when used in conjunction with a competitors product.  Double check the required components section to see if anything else is needed for proper fitment.

WEIGHT 14 lbs
DIMENSIONS 38 x 21 x 11 in