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Sikky Mfg - Accusump Oil Accumulator

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Sikky Mfg - Accusump Oil Accumulator


  • Accusump 3 qt
  • EPC pressure valve
  • Mounting clamps

The Accusump™ oil accumulator was designed to stop loss of oil pressure in racing applications.

In road racing as cornering speeds increased and ground clearance decreased the ability for shallow wet sump oil systems to provide continuous oil pressure was becoming a problem.

To solve this oiling problem an oil accumulator was designed to provide the oil required during the high load periods when the oil pickup became uncovered and pressure was compromised.

Eliminating the momentary loss of oil pressure saved engines.

The Accusumps success on the road racing circuit was soon noticed by drag racers who had their own set of oiling problems because of high acceleration and deceleration rates.

The Accusump™ became the accepted way to provide more continuous oiling and add longevity to drag race engines.

Over 25 years the simplicity and effectiveness of the Accusump™ has spread to all areas of motorsports and into all types of applications.

The realization that most wear on a normal engine occurs during startup before oil pressure is established has made the Accusump™ popular in many non-performance areas.

By providing pre-oiling the Accusump™ can extend the life of any engine.

WEIGHT 15 lbs
DIMENSIONS 25 x 19 x 9 in