Samsonas Motorsport - BMW M3 E36 / E46 6 Speed to ZF S5D Dogbox Kit

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Samsonas Motorsport - BMW M3 E36 / E46 6 Speed to ZF S5D Dogbox Kit

New 6 speed dogbox for all 6 cylinder BMW, capable to hold lots of power.

Middle plate wth bearings to connect shafts, new surface and profile big teeth, clutch shaft made from special driveshaft steel, and additional transfer gears to adjust your top speed makes this gearbox one of the best products for your BMW.

Suitable for any power turbo charged cars, drag race, hillclimb, circuit racing, rally or any other motorsport discipline.

It is design to fit into 5 speed ZF S5D gearbox.

Aluminium plate with NJ207 bearings makes this gearbox 52mm longer than stock ZF S5D and 50mm shorter than 6 speed Getrag S6S


6 Speed ratios :

I 2,500 2,500
II 1,800 2,000
III 1,438 1,500
IV 1,235 1,177
V 1,111 1,000
VI 1,000 0,870

Drift / Drag :

I 2,900
II 1,800
III 1,294
IV 1,000
V 0,800


Transfer gears :


I 0,870 1,190
II 0,941 1,250
1,000 1,350
IV 1,090 1,400
V 1,150 1,500

** On request Samsonas can make any transfer gears at no extra cost.

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