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Radium Engineering - Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit Stainless Filter- 15-17 Subaru BRZ

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Radium Engineering

The fuel hanger plumbing kits convert the OEM returnless system to a traditional return system. They include everything required to connect directly to the OEM or aftermarket fuel rails for both single and dual pump configurations. A -8AN PTFE hose attaches to a Radium Engineering fuel filter that mounts underneath the vehicle using a specifically designed FT86 bolt-on bracket. Depending on the kit selected (-01,-02,-03), the fuel filter will be assembled with 1 of 3 different elements.

The fuel filter is secured to an inline Radium fuel presssure gauge which is attached to an adjustable Radium fuel pressure regulator. The FPR can be used to mimic the OEM fuel system or it can be ran 1:1 with a vacuum reference. -6AN PTFE hoses are included to connect to the fuel rail and high pressure fuel pump.

-Radium Filter (-01 Cellulose, -02 Microglass, or -03 Stainless)
-Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Radium Fuel Pressure Gauge
-Radium Heat Exchanger Filter Mount
-Radium Aluminum FT86 Filter Bracket
-Radium SAE Quick Disconnects
-Radium Aluminum Adapter Fittings
-8AN and -6AN PTFE Fuel Hoses
-6AN PushLok Hose Ends
-3/8" Vapor Shield Fuel Return Hose
-Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware

Vehicle Fitment:

2012+ Toyota 86
2012+ Subaru BRZ
12-16 Scion FR-S