Racetech - RT4009HR Racing Seat

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With an integral head restraint, the Racetech 4009HR series of seats is a "go-to" safety essential for many forms of rally and racing.

This range is suitable for competition where 270 degrees of head support is required.

If you are drag racing, new rules may require the use of a back mount with any fiberglass composite seat.

Please check with your governing body.

Now available, the new Stealth option is perfect for those that want a subtle, refined look in their car.

We combine a traditional FIA approved 009 series shell with a subtle black cover, black suede leather wear patches and gun metal embroidery to create that stealthy point-of-difference.

This Stealth option is available on all seats in the 009 series.

Side Brackets:


Dimensions and Weights:

Model Material FIA 8855 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT4009HR Fiberglass Composite Yes 57 60 37 48 53 86 65 40 8.7 11.4
RT4009THR Fiberglass Composite No 60 66 37 48 53 91 71 40 9.1 11.5
RT4009WHR Fiberglass Composite Yes 60 60 42 51 53 86 65 44 9.5 11.6
RT4009WTHR Fiberglass Composite No 60 66 42 51 53 91 71 44 9.9 12.1
            dimensions in cm   weights in kg

Seat Dimensions Key

Common Applications From clubsport to national-level circuit and rally
Stock Color / Material
Gel-coat Gloss black
Seat Cover Black fire-retardant fabric
Wear Patches Grey suede leather
FIA Homologation Complies with FIA 8855-1999 regulations
Shell Construction Composite
Shell Weight 8.7kg
Sizes HR - Standard
WHR - Wide
THR - Tall
WTHR - Wide & Tall
Head Restraint Integrated head restraint
HANS Compatible Yes
Harness Compatibility Up to 6-point harness
Large Harness Guides RT4009WTHR version only
Air Ducting N/A
Back-mount Compatible RT4009THR and RT4009WTHR versions only