Nuke Performance - Aluminum Vise Jaws for AN Fittings

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Nuke Performance Aluminum Vise Jaws for AN Fittings

With the Nuke Performance Aluminum Vise Jaws for AN fittings, you can securely grip your hose ends in your vise quickly and effortlessly.

Upgrade your hose end assembly process with our aluminum vise jaws. These jaws are designed to fit all AN-4 and above fittings, ensuring a quick, safe, and scratch-free installation. The V-shaped grip area offers double the gripping power, while integrated magnets securely attach the jaws to your vise. Plus, rest assured that these jaws are safe for anodized fittings and won't cause any scratches. Elevate your AN fitting game with our vise jaws today.

Nuke Performance provides a diverse selection of fittings, hose ends, and couplings designed for oil, water, and fuel applications. The distinctive shape of these aluminum vise jaws offers a four-sided grip, surpassing the traditional two-sided grip for enhanced stability and ease of assembly for fuel fittings and hose ends.

Aluminum vise jaws are a safer alternative to steel, particularly when working with anodized fittings and hose ends. These jaws offer a strong grip for effortless assembly of AN-4 and above hose ends, and their versatility makes them perfect for fitting assembly at various angles. Combining this efficient method with our other tools is essential for constructing a sturdy oil, water, and fuel system.

An invaluable range of accessories for your fuel system assembly

When assembling your aftermarket fuel system, make sure you use our selection of tools special for assembling your fittings and hose ends. We offer a range of wrenches, vise jaws, and accessories.

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