Nuke Performance - 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 Liter Single or Dual Deatschwerks DW400

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Nuke Performance - 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 Liter Single or Dual Deatschwerks DW400

The Nuke Performance 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 Liter can accommodate a single or dual Deatschwerks DW400 pump setup. With a 7/8 NPT outlet and a supplied 7/8 NPT to AN10 fitting, this tank can provide uninterrupted fuel flow for up to 1600 HP. Designed with a billet internal mounting bracket, fuel pumps are securely mounted. This tank minimizes the risk of fuel starvation during sharp turns and intense driving, making it ideal for drifting, drag racing, and track days. It also prevents fuel from sloshing around and causing starvation to the high pressure pump, which is crucial in turbo and naturally aspirated engines.

This fuel surge tank, compatible with high-end pumps, eliminates fuel starvation issues. Known for its durability, Nuke Performance has engineered this tank to withstand high levels of horsepower. It is also built to resist the corrosive properties of alcohol-based fuels, such as methanol and ethanol. Suitable for turbocharged, supercharged, and naturally aspirated engines. Includes a sturdy stainless-steel mounting plate, 3 AN8 fittings, and 1 AN10 fitting for top cover connections. Additional fittings, from AN6-AN10 or AN12, can be used if desired. Please note that fuel pumps are not included. This tank is meant for use with Deatschwerks DW400 pumps.

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