Motul - Classic SAE 50 Engine Oil

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Motul - Classic SAE 50 Engine Oil 

Premium Mineral monograde engine oil engineered for Classic Gasoline or Diesel 4-Stroke engines and gearboxes built before 1950.

Specially designed for Ancestor, Veteran, Vintage, Prewar and Classic vehicles requiring a SAE 50 viscosity grade lubricant, or to keep engine oil consumption under control in high-load, high-temperature operation.

MOTUL CLASSIC SAE 50 is a modern technology lubricant specially developed for vintage engines, designed and formulated with a High Zinc, Phosphorus level (ZDDP content > 1800 ppm) to provide the best anti-wear protection for your Classic Engine (genuine or rebuilt). High ZDDP levels offer supreme protection of critical components like high-lift, flat-tappet cams, prone to wear because of the high friction developed in these parts.

Premium Mineral monograde lubricant with very low detergent level in order to be harmless to cork, paper, felt and fabric gaskets from that period.

Compatible with “yellow” nonferrous metals as brass, bronze and copper, which makes it ideal for classic gearboxes calling for SAE 50 grade lubricants.

SAE 50 viscosity grade to maintain a consistent oil pressure and to help reduce oil consumption in severe operating conditions, such as vintage car racing, parades, etc

Highly adhesive, its rust inhibitors and anticorrosion additives provide extra protection during wintering periods.

Can be used as break-in oil if drain intervals are shortened.


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