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Fortune Auto Suspension - Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GRB) 2008+ - 510 Series Coilovers

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Fortune Auto Suspension - Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GRB) 2008+ - 510 Series Coilovers

CUSTOM - MODULAR - REBUILDABLE - Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Fortune Auto is proud to release the all new Generation 6 – 510 series dampers. The advanced suspension technology found in our new shock absorbers is derived from recent successes in World Challenge, One Lap of America, and Global Time Attack.  All systems are completely hand-built. We insist on building bespoke suspension in order to offer the best quality control in the industry.

 -Amsoil Synthetic Shock Oil
- "Ultra" Concave Flow Digressive Piston Technology
- Custom Built – Assembly Certificate and Dyno Graph Supplied with Shocks
- 5 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
- 24-Step Simultaneous Rebound and Compression Adjustable Dampers
- Monotube Damper with High Pressure Nitrogen
- T6 6061 Aluminum Mounts and Camber Plates
- Rebuildable and Revalveable at our Facility in Richmond, VA
- Modularity – Upgradeable to 2-Way or 3-Way Canister


No Revalves Necessary

The ultra wide range of adjustment offered by the CFD piston allows for the convenience of tuning your suspension without having to revalve your dampers. A conventional shock absorber can withstand a 2kg spring rate difference before requiring a revalve, whereas the Concave Flow Digressive Technology has a broad range of 8kg spring rates. This is invaluable for tuning your suspension quickly at the track on race day. 

Jekyll and Hyde 

The Concave Flow Digressive Piston allows for a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Lower spring rates can be stiffened up by using the wide damping range as an artificial spring rate, while higher spring rates feel much smoother. The large adjustment range contributes to a comfortable ride on the street and unyielding performance on the track, all with the twist of a single adjustment knob.


Bright dip anodizing is a chemical polishing/anodizing process that is very effective in enhancing the integrity of the aluminum. Bright dipping creates a brilliant, shiny surface which protects our 6061 forged aluminum parts from corrosion and oxidation, ensuring that your parts look great for years to come. 


Revised jetting and increased adjustment range for more accurate damper control. Every click in the adjustment range has a very profound effect on damping force, and each click is very audible and distinct.


The high-quality Koyo Japan radial bearing provides less bind for noise-free operation and smoother steering response.


Utilizing our engineers’ in-house design software, we reinforced brackets and mounting points for more rigidity and strength. Most applications will include OEM brake line tabs welded directly to the lower mounts, which provides the end user with a cleaner and safer installation.


Digressive piston technology allows for tremendous amounts of low speed force that translates driver inputs into razor sharp control. Furthermore, the force “blows off” to provide the driver with a supple compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces. 


EVERY Fortune Auto shock absorber is dyno-tested. Once your shock absorbers are built, they are tested and matched, because we refuse to treat our shocks with a “one size fits all” mentality.

510 Series Coilovers are custom, hand-built to order. Most applications have a 3-4 week lead time. Lead times for certain applications and peak season orders may vary.